Thursday, April 7, 2011

New York City 1998

The seer leaves the mountain to bring his vision to the world. Throughout the infinite nothingness of Manhattan, the madman prophet wanders until he stumbles barefoot into the World Trade Center shouting “YOU ARE STANDING AT THE CENTER OF THE COSMOS AND YOU ARE LOST! This is the holy ground. This is Ground Zero. This is the sacred circle. Take off your shoes Take off your shoes Take off your shoes.
Startled at first, the passersby realize the seer is only a member of NY’s large population of street lunatics. “Too much or not enough drugs, I guess.” Soon the holy fool is escorted away by uniformed agents of the Thought Police. He is confined to protect himself from himself and gradually medicated back to approximate normalcy. He becomes a fairly productive member of the work force but the price of this behavior modification is the disintegration of his Vision of the Whole.

There’s no telling how many bad poets have likened the World Trade Center to twin towers of Babel. This morning the twin towers disappear in fog. Can’t imagine a tower to heaven when the sky is so low you can plainly see heaven isn’t there.

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