Saturday, April 2, 2011

Part One in plain text

Are You Running With Me, Ground of Being?

Zero to Infinity,
and back.

What is the is of the is I is?
I is not yet
Then, here I is
Then, I is not, again

Now I is
Then I was

What is the I who is? I ask
Only the I who was answers
Is the is I is the same is I was?
Is the is I was the is I is?

Is my is a path from is not to is and back to is not?
Is the is I is part of the is that is and was and always shall is?
Is without Not, amen?

Universe is my universe
genesis is encrypted in my neural cocoon
REmember the BEginning
or even BEfore All That Is
was nad ever shall all compressed in infinitely dense microdot
to clanging Alarm clock at BEginning of TIME
I’d live to be a billion and I remember every minute
the UNIVERSE made me what IAM today
hell I AM the Universe looking at my Self
in the mirror. Is it me? I look exactly the same as
ALWAYS yet not familiar disfigured a mask with no face
behind it
Have you ever tried to jump outside the plastic bubble of your MIND
or looked upat the SKY and its not Heaven that you see though you THINK you see INFINITY its the inner wall of your REality
to be REborn you must be REconceived
and REmember youa re just ONE in the multitude
hominids crawling over ANTHILL EARTH
Yes there are over five billion stories in the Naked Global City
over five billion UNIVERSES exploding in restless brains

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  1. >Subject: THE STORY OF NOW
    >Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 18:53:55 -0500
    >>I'm a cobweb, well not really
    >>I'm locked in a closet (yes,
    >>the world is the closet.)
    >>So say a kind-hearted jailer
    >>Had a heart sea-change,
    >>Say he flung the door open,
    >>Said, "It's time you go free!"
    >>Scary, yes. Everything I know
    >>Is in my hated closet.
    >>Outside I imagine empty space
    >>That doesn't stop,
    >>That we know
    >>Extends in all directions.
    >>Then! I fall out of my known world
    >>And I keep falling,
    >>Have been falling for days--
    >>Wait! I see hell? I see something