Monday, January 23, 2012


Anyone who is happy now has been misinformed. I watch depressed New Yorkers pass by as I eat breakfast in Midtown. Anyone who does not look tense and miserable looks foolish.
The Merry Prankster is dead, another Prankster also recently died.

I dreamed I went to a happy hunting ground in a pickup with 2 Indians. A herd of white deer approach, maybe to attack.

I will get on a jet plane Saturday and spend Thanksgiving with family in Florida. Then I’ll get on another jet and come back to NY. And if I get back safely to Brooklyn I’ll give thanks for real.


Tax cuts for the rich and corporate welfare for mismanaged companies, but not unemployment compensation for laid-off workers.
Ruin the environment for short term profits from oil, coal, gas to keep the big pretty machines running.
Build a missile defense shield in space to create more corporate profits for the weapons industry even though its useless against anthrax letters and suitcase bombs.
Delete civil liberties, round up people with Arab-sounding names and keep them in jail until they say something.
Tap phones, computers, all conversations
Paranoia plus Greed plus Prejudice plus Fear - an evil brew boiling in ugly Republican brains, even those with Democrat faces.
What’re you going to do about it? March and chant stupid slogans and carry mass-produced signs with more stupid slogans? Circulate petitions and sell bumper stickers with stupid slogans?

There’s no place like home for the holidays.

Try to learn how to meditate.

Count your breath, count each exhalation up to 4, then start over.

Start reading the poetry of Rumi.

walk around the old neighborhood which is now full of strangers.

Overeat. Watch TV. Get cranky. Argue about religion. Read the paper.

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