Sunday, January 22, 2012


Shuttle between depression and panic but never get off the train.
Troubled sleep. One night it involves decaying body parts. Last night it’s menacing storm clouds or smoke, maybe a tornado approaching. Where is the safest place in the house?
Think about this dream on my way to work, going from one train to another. One day you’ll be hurrying through the Union Square station, checking out the women rushing by, of course, and a fucking bomb will go off and kill us all.


Come home and rest.
Have something to eat, relax on the couch.
Be alone or be among friends, people who accept you, who don’t hassle you.
Be alone and listen to surrounding sounds, life around you.
is you and
is everything else.
You are one in the midst of the All,
part of it all - as they say -
baby, you’re what’s happening.

The propaganda is too much.
Newspapers and electronic media “cover” events by repeating what the government says - officials are quoted, press conferences held, complete transcripts of presidential speeches are printed, Pentagon information given - all of this presented as if it were perhaps true.
God I’m sick of the government the military the corporate state the rich
They speak and we listen. They define the terms. They tell the lies and we can only guess the truth.


We need to watch out for anyone carrying a box cutter or a letter. Especially beware of anyone with a suitcase.
The situation is not under control. Until we know more it is important that the public be kept ignorant of what we do know.
Anyone who expresses doubt about our actions and statements is guilty of aiding our enemy or enemies.
Anyone who suggests that acts of terror against the homeland may be a consequence of acts of terror on the part of the homeland shares responsibility for those acts of terror against the homeland.
It is time for each of you to decide which side you are on, which terrorists you want to be associated with.
Those who refuse to participate in this great work of making terror will not be allowed to play with our guns.




Heaven is not far, it
is under my thumb
when I detonate the
sacred explosion that
will blow down this
wall of humiliation

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