Thursday, September 15, 2011


We will live in the Death Smog for a while,
breathing the dust of the dead,
the 5 thousand or so who turn to smoke, as the giant ashtray in Lower Mangattan continues to give up ghosts.
The dead are in us now, locked in our chests, staining our lungs, polluting our blood streams.
And though we cover our faces with flags and other pieces of cloth to filter the air.
The spirits of the dead aren't fooled by our masks.

Columbus Day

looking for a little homeland security in the midst of a war with no boundaries
here in this homeland we are in the war but not fighting the war
there are no soldiers against soldiers, just murderers against victims
there in that homeland you're a Taliban scapegoat, a refugee, or collateral damage

Its World War but its not World War Three
Its World War Indeterminate

Its maybe World War from now on
perpetual world war
You can't say when it started or when it ends, if ever, anymore than you can say where it is or who it is
- and why it is?
- why is it?
Its because it was. Its because an eye must be paid for an eye that was taken,
and 10,000 eyes for 10,000 eyes and you took too many eyes and now you owe me eyes, and soon we're all blind like Gandhi said, the blind killing the blind
and anyone with vision put in prison

You can't see this war most of the time - that's why the TV replays the same video over and over
The real war is invisible, in your head.
Its when you're on a Trailways bus in the Lincoln Tunnel and you think how easy it would be for a group of suicide killers to coordinate a multiple car bomb attack and maybe release nerve gas as well and you imagine what that would be like and you forget about your carsickness for a while.

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