Monday, September 12, 2011

sketches of the new now


I’m going to miss it when people are no longer happy just to see I’m alive.
Soon they’ll say, “Yeah, you’re alive - And? What else have you done?”

Maybe its not enough simply to be alive, simply to exist, but I’m going to miss it if I’m no longer happy just to be alive.

The path of destruction and the path of creation are sometimes indistinguishable. From certain angles the straight path appears crooked and the crooked path straight. Watch your step, look both ways. The Trickster hangs out at crossroads. What path is favored by the All-Merciful? What path is despised by the All-Wrathful? Do you pray for the mercy of the Wrathful or fear the wrath of the Merciful?

I did not see the people jumping off the building, and I did not see body parts falling from the sky. I did not see either jet plane cut into the towers. I saw smoke and the storm of paper, as if the World Trade Center was stuffed with paper and its stuffings were blown out. A blizzard of financial documents. I remember a piece of a ceiling tile sailing downward. I don’t think I know anyone who died.

I want to beef up my story.


(from my 10/05/1998 notebook)
“...thoughts of salvation or enlightenment. Zero...the cessation of desire in the Buddhist sense. And what exactly is the Buddhist sense? Recognition that the condition of desire is suffering. Desire gives rise to suffering because its object may be lost, will be lost. “Unconditional love” may be a phrase to describe an acceptance of what cannot be changed. Accept the cosmos as it is, in its beauty and its terror, recognizing yourself in it and it in yourself.

You identify yourself with what you want, what you buy, what you pay for. You go to work and make money to buy food and pay rent so you can go to work, and your fear is that your only purpose is to be a laborer in the machinery of the economy, a replaceable part, and you want a higher position - you want to be more valuable, irreplaceable, and tell yourself your art defines what you truly are.”

A Parable in search of a Point
Find your Way to Here

Canal St/W. B’way
2nd phone N. on W. B’way
Up to Grand turn East
to Clinton St?
and North to Delancey

Let’s take the Beeline Highway to Approximate Utopia, gotta get Nowhere fast.
Are we there yet?
If its not here, will we ever get there?

the straight Path to the promised land, the global City

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