Monday, September 12, 2011

What rhymes with HazMat?

Planets die.
solar systems also die.
I’ve seen photographs of galactic collisions.
How do you mourn an event like that?
Truly cosmic disasters happen all the time
Where do we put the shrines?

What rhymes with HazMat?

HazMat to the left of me
HazMat to the right of me
HazMat raining down on me
HazMat in your eyes
HazMat in your nose
He’s never going to be Lincoln or Churchill but if we’re lucky he’ll be a decent guy - the decent guy he tried to portray himself to be during the campaign. He’ll never write a Gettysburg Address but he can give sincere and convincing readings of the speeches written for him. Maybe modulate his black and white worldview and forget about an eye for an eye and 12,000 eyes for 12,000 eyes. Bring the bad guys in alive and put them on trial in a Court TV mediathon that will wipe OJ out of our brains and I won’t complain if Osama gets the chair.

I don’t want to return to ordinary life.
I want to attain ordinary life.

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